Teaching – Summer Semester 2023


Hyper-Ergonomic Living – Bachelor Thesis | BSc.

In the Bachelor Thesis, a residential unit is designed that specifically addresses the 4-dimensional characteristics of human movements. The basis for this will be recorded at the beginning of the semester using a motion capture kit owned by the department.



Voxel Living Environments – Studio Projects | MSc.

Das tektonische Interesse der Abteilung dMA an kleinsten Bausteinen hin zu einer hochauflösenden Architektur und zirkulären Bauwirtschaft wird dieses Semester in einem großen Entwurf für transformierbare Wohntypologien konkretisiert. Das Wissen und die Methoden zum Konstruieren und Entwerfen mit diesen Bausteinen/Voxeln das in der Abteilung aufgebaut wurde, wird in diesem Projekt architektonisch konkretisiert.

The dMA department's tectonic interest in small building blocks applied towards a high-resolution architecture and circular building economy will be concretised this semester in a large design for transformable housing typologies. The knowledge and methods for constructing and designing with these building blocks/voxels that have been built up in the department will be concretised architecturally in this project.


Elective Modules

Digital Design – Seminar | BSc./MSc.

The course is aimed at all students who want to gain a basic insight into digital methods. Digital design methods are learned using iconic examples from digital architecture and integrated into a broader architectural discourse. Parametric design using Grasshopper will be taught, as well as interfaces to drawing and modelling tools.


dMA Master Thesis Methods – Seminar | MSc.

The seminar offers the opportunity to prepare for an MSc. Thesis at the dMA department. At the beginning of the semester, texts and protagonists are discussed together and presented by the students. Texts include architectural historians such as Mario Carpo, architects such as Greg Lynn and pioneers of cybernetics such as Max Bense. Based on individual interests and motivations, a research plan is developed in which the student's own MSc. Thesis in terms of content and methodology is prepared.


Architectural Structures using 3D printing – Seminar | BSc./MSc.

The seminar builds on the department's work on 3D printed connectors in previous semesters. This semester, the focus is on further developing the design and manufacturing aspects of plate elements. The interim results from the first part will be tested for their design and function using 3D printing and iteratively developed further. The second part focuses on the realisation of a joint architectural prototype with the 3D-printed connectors.


Robots in Architecture – Seminar | BSc./MSc.

Ready to take on new architectural challenges and break into exciting, cutting-edge fields? With our robotic infrastructure at the chair of Digital Methods in Architecture, we want to explore the benefits of integrating collaborative robotic manipulators with an autonomous mobile robotic platform. The aim is to investigate potential applications and navigation methods for the platform in an architectural context.


VRoxel – Seminar | BSc./MSc.

The seminar will provide an introduction to a range of digital design technologies, in particular virtual reality, and use them to create complex small-scale architectural assemblies in existing contexts. The design task is an interior design for a restaurant. It should refer to the existing structures of the building and complement it with furniture, wall and ceiling elements, lighting, etc.


Exhibition Booth Design-Build – Seminar/Workshop | BSc./MSc.

At the "Real Estate Arena" trade fair in May 2023, the associations representing the interests of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and urban planning will have a joint booth, as they did in 2022. The design and implementation of the booth will be carried out as a design-build project by students from the Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts and Leibniz University Hannover.