Teaching – Winter Semester 2023/24


Bachelor Thesis – Environmental Education Centre | BSc.

There are two ways to build circularly: firstly, to reuse materials that are in the cycle and secondly, to develop new types of construction elements that can easily be reused to remain in the cycle for as long as possible. Reversible and discrete construction systems are used for this purpose, in which small building blocks can be assembled into large constructions and can also be easily taken apart again. The constructional task will be the expansion of an environmental education centre in Lower Saxony.


Lecture and Exercise – Digital Methods I | BSc.

In the course, the contents and methods will be presented in an architectural context. The aim is to get an introduction to the different ways of thinking and working. In addition, the practical areas of application of digital drawing and modelling software (Revit) will be learned in exercises.



Studio Project – Robots are the Answer | MSc.

Robots are the Answer ... refers to the quote by the architect Ceric Price: "Technology is the answer, but what was the question" (1966). The project will start with a practical and theoretical introduction to the basic methods of architectural robotics. All participants will then develop a building design based on a selected robotic method.


Elective Modules

Seminar – Digital Design | BSc./MSc.

The seminar aims to provide an introduction to a range of digital design technologies, particularly Virtual Reality (VR), and utilize them for the creation of complex, small-scale architectures in existing structures. The existing structures are measured with millimeter precision using laser scanning and used as a digital context for designing.


Seminar - Master Thesis Preparation | MSc.

The seminar offers the opportunity to prepare for an MSc. Thesis at the dMA department. At the beginning of the semester, texts and protagonists are discussed together and presented in papers. The reading includes architectural historians such as Mario Carpo, architects such as Greg Lynn and pioneers of cybernetics such as Max Bense.


Architectural Structures using 3D printing – Seminar | BSc./MSc.

The seminar builds on the department's work on 3D printed connectors in previous semesters. This semester, the focus is on further developing the design and manufacturing aspects of plate elements. The interim results from the first part will be tested for their design and function using 3D printing and iteratively developed further. The second part focuses on the realisation of a joint architectural prototype with the 3D-printed connectors.


Seminar – VRoxel | BSc./MSc.

The seminar will provide an introduction to a range of digital design technologies, in particular virtual reality, and use them to create complex small-scale architectural assemblies in existing contexts. The design task is an interior design for a restaurant. It should refer to the existing structures of the building and complement it with furniture, wall and ceiling elements, lighting, etc.