Teaching – Winter Semester 2022/23


Bachelor Thesis – Hyper Context Café | BSc.

For the bachelor thesis, a small canteen/restaurant/bar is designed that addresses this constant change. Special focus will be placed on the food preparation processes and the experience of the guests.


Seminar - Digital Methods I | BSc.

In the course, the contents and methods will be presented in an architectural context. The aim is to get an introduction to the different ways of thinking and working. In addition, the practical areas of application of digital drawing and modelling software (Revit) will be learned in exercises.


Seminar – Architecture and Technology | BSc.

The course is aimed exclusively at students of the BSc. Architecture programme in the 5th semester or higher who have not yet completed the course Digitale Methoden II and/or Gebäudetechnik II.



Studio Project – Design Build | MSc.

How can all architectural aspects from design, construction, use to conversion and deconstruction be reinvented as a holistic system and thus achieve a higher degree of sustainability? Against the background of the autonomisation of construction through robots, new challenges arise in the context of architectural design.


Short Project – Architectural Structures using 3D-printing | BSc./MSc.

The history of the universal joint, a rod connector for spatial structures, was shaped in the 20th century by architects such as Konrad Wachsmann, Richard Buckminster Fuller and Fritz Haller. With the advent of digital design and manufacturing methods, new types of architectural projects have become possible on this basis since the beginning of the 21st century.


Elective Modules

Seminar – Digital Design | BSc./MSc.

Digital design methods are learned using iconic examples from digital architecture and are integrated into a broader architectural discourse. Parametric design using Grasshopper will be explored in depth, as well as interfaces with drawing and modelling software.


Seminar – Robots in Architecture | BSc./MSc.

With our new robotic infrastructure at the chair of Digital Methods in Architecture, we want to explore the benefits of integrating collaborative robotic manipulators with an autonomous mobile robotic platform. The aim is to investigate potential applications and navigation methods for the platform in an architectural context.


Seminar – Designing for Energy Efficiency Architecture | BSc./MSc.

Digital methods not only allow to design differently they also offer great insight into the performance of buildings before being realised. To develop the expertise to design and evaluate architecture with the latest methods from data science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), we offer a combination of two joint seminars by the chair of Digital Methods in Architecture, dMA and the chair of Sustainable Building Systems.


Seminar – VRoxel | BSc./MSc.

The seminar will provide an introduction to a range of digital design technologies, in particular virtual reality, to use them to create complex small-scale architectures in existing buildings.