Teaching - Summer Semester 2019


Bachelorthesis - Hyperloop Terminal | BSc.

The goal of the thesis is to design an urban hyperloop terminal for Hannover. Hyperloop is the principle of a high-speed rail transport system in which wagons mounted on linear motors reach a travel speed of up to 1,200 km/h in a partially evacuated tube.


Thesis Seminar - Digital Methods | BSc.

Essential digital methods are deepened and placed in a wider architectural and theoretical context. In three blocks, a topic is introduced with a lecture and then deepened in practical exercises.


Seminar - Digital Methods II | BSc.

The course teaches the basics of digital geometry, fabrication and visualization, which are taught in exercises during the semester.



Short Project - Butterfly House - Demonstrator | MSc.

The aim of the project is to realize a demonstrator using the construction methods found in the bachelor thesis Butterfly House in the winter semester 2018/19.


Short Project - Hiroshis Pavilion - Demonstrator | MSc.

The project continues the work that was started in the winter semester 2018/19 on the construction with Meso-Robots. The goal was to get a little closer to the fiction of Andreas Eschbach in the novel "Lord of All Things", to build a world with swarms of the smallest robots.


Elective Modules

Seminar - 3D Printing | BSc./MSc.

The seminar will introduce the different processes and materials that are currently available for 3D printing. Practical examples show the use of 3D-printing in architecture such as representational scale models, functional prototypes of building components and attempts to print entire buildings.


Seminar - Architectural Machines | MSc.

Physical Computing is the art of programming electronic hardware such as motors, sensors and lights to build programmable machines and contraptions.


Seminar - Robots in Architecture | BSc./MSc.

Today we are seeing the dawn of robots in multiple fields: Car manufacturing, house cleaning, war fronts, warehouses, surgery rooms. Architecture is no exception: from universities to construction sites, robots are becoming ever more present in design and construction.


Workshop - Discrete Building Blocks | MSc.

Discrete Architecture takes up Neil Gershenfeld's work at MIT from an architectural point of view. His Center for Bits and Atoms is researching new methods of digital fabrication, building their research on the use of discrete digital building blocks.