Teaching – Summer Semester 2022


Bachelor Thesis - Place of a Million Parts  | BSc.

Against the backdrop of the automation of construction, the thesis explores the question: how do we design, build and live in a building made of millions of tiny building blocks? Using the example of an urban café, the possibilities of a sustainable, changeable tectonics are investigated in which material can be continuously reconfigured by swarms of small robots.


Seminar - Digital Methods II | BSc.

The course introduces a broad spectrum of digital methods in architecture. Their influence on the design of architecture - computational design - as well as on the realisation of buildings - digital fabrication - is presented in detail. On the basis of the overview, the theoretical basics are taught and the most important practical skills are learned in order to be able to specifically deepen individual aspects in the further course of studies. The class will be taught in German.



Studio Project - Architecture for Autonomous Construction | MSc.

How can all architectural aspects from design, construction, use to conversion and deconstruction be reinvented as a holistic system and thus achieve a higher degree of sustainability? Against the background of the autonomisation of construction through robots, new challenges arise for the design of architecture.


Elective Modules

Seminar - Digital Design | BSc./MSc.

Digital design methods are learned using iconic examples from digital architecture and integrated into a broader architectural discourse. Parametric design using Grasshopper will be explored in depth, as well as interfaces with drawing and modelling. The seminar will focus on the transitions between script, model and drawing using Grasshopper, Rhino, Photoshop and Illustrator. The class will be taught in German.


Seminar - Robots in Architecture | BSc./MSc.

With our new robotic infrastructure at the chair of Digital Methods in Architecture, we want to explore the benefits of integrating collaborative robotic manipulators with an autonomous mobile robotic platform. The aim is to investigate potential applications and navigation methods for the platform in an architectural context.


Seminar - Architectural Plate Connectors using 3D Printing | BSc./MSc.

The seminar builds on the department's work on 3D printed connectors in previous semesters. This semester focuses on the further development of the design and manufacturing aspects of the panel elements. The interim results from the first part will be tested for their design and function using 3D printing and iteratively developed further. The second part focuses on the realisation of a joint architectural prototype with the 3D-printed connectors. The class will be taught in German.


Seminar - Architecture in Virtual Reality | BSc./MSc.

From virtual reality to computer games, immersive media have the potential of providing novel spatial experiences. They are therefore dealing closely with one of architectures core competencies: Space. The seminar offers an introduction to the unity game engine, where applications for a range of immersive media from iOS games to VR experiences can be created.


Seminar - BIM-Process | MSc.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has become indispensable in some areas of construction, while in others it is only just taking off. There is no question, almost all experts agree, that planning, constructing and operating buildings using an information-rich digital model will be the only way we build in the future. The class will be taught in German.