Digital Methods in Architecture

The chair for Digital Methods in Architecture teaching curriculum is providing a broad overview of the numerical and algorithmic methods used in design, planning and implementation, as well as setting priorities within these aspects. In the first semester of the BSc. program, the focus is on working and thinking in 3-dimensional models. In the second semester, numerous digital methods in the context of architecture are developed in lectures and exercises. In the elective course, special topics such as parametrics, simulation or digital manufacturing can be studied in greater depth. The interaction between the physical behaviour of constructions and their digital abstractions is always of particular interest.

In the MSc. programme, students gain in-depth knowledge of digital methods applied in designs and tested in demonstrators. In addition, there are suitable courses for specialization such as Architectural Robotics, Augmented Reality and Creative Coding.

The department regularly supervises BSc. and MSc. Thesis projects, which deal with promising topics in the field of preliminary research.

This text was translated from German.