funny, not funny – Humor in art, humorous art

Elective course


Smiling, laughing, laughing at. Do we need humor and comedy? And if so, why? What kind of humor is needed in times of crisis?

In this seminar we will deal with humorous artistic approaches and the question of how humor is used. What inspires us to laugh, and what happens when we do?

We will delve into this topic through visits to exhibitions and presentations that expand on them, as well as by analyzing our own observations. Texts on humor theory will help us build a vocabulary for the various forms of humorous expression. Ultimately, these investigations will lead to a personal artistic exploration that makes use of humor. A wide range of media can be used, such as video, sound., objects, drawing, and text. Throughout the process, we will mutually support each other in individual and group discussions.


Kathrin Jobcyk

Thursdays, 10 am - 1 pm

weekly as of 20/10/2022, room B-135, B-137 (Ceramics Workshop)


Introduction at kug-Panorama_22WS23: thu, 13/10/2022, 2 pm - 4:15 pm, online

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BA_Module Skulptur – Objekt – Rauminstallation
MA_Module Orts-, raum- und architekturspezifische künstlerische Projekte