Spaces versus spaces

Elective course

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We don’t live in empty, neutral space. We don’t live, die, and love on a rectangular piece of paper. We live, die, and love in a structured, subdivided space with light and dark areas, with different levels, steps, recesses and protrusions, with hard areas and with soft, easily penetrable, porous ones.
Michel Foucault: “The Heterotopias”

In this photography seminar we will deal with the theme of “counter spaces.” What spaces in our lives let us leave our daily lives behind? How can we transform one space into another? We will document our observations and spatial interventions using analog black-and-white photography. In the process, we will practice using an analog single-lens reflex camera and gain an introduction to the chemical processes of negative development and enlargement in the darkroom.



Prerequisite: bring an analogue SLR camera.

Requirements for participation:

Architecture: completed mandatory modules „Foundations of Artistic Design 1 and 2“

Landscape Architecture and Enviromental Planning: completed foundations „Artistic Design and Visualisation“


Bignia Wehrli

Thursdays, 2 pm - 5 pm

weekly as of 20/10/2022, room B075 (drawing classroom), B-103 (photo lab)


Introduction at kug-Panorama_22SoSe: thu, 13/10/2022, 2 pm - 4:15 pm, online

Please register at StudIP.


5 CP

BA_Module Themen – Transformationen – Medien

MA_Module Material- und medienspezifische künstlerische Projekte