Foundations of Artistic Design 1

Required course for 1. semester architecture students


Using artistic techniques like drawing, modeling, and collage, students will be introduced to the foundations of artistic design.

Exercises focus on sensitizing perception and on the interplay of observation, materials used, intention, and composition. Students will develop compositions on the 2-D surface of paper in the form of drawings and collages. By developing individual clay sculptures, the students will also engage with 3-D space. Results will be discussed in one-on-one conversations and as a group.

The practical exercises will be accompanied by short lectures on artistic approaches.


Prof. Anette Haas, Imke Rathert, Jan Neukirchen, Bignia Wehrli, Christoph Sander, Kathrin Jobczyk


Fridays, 11 am - 1 pm, with subsequent tutorial until 3:30 pm

weekly from 14/10/2022, room B075 (Drawing Classroom), B139, B135, B151 (Sculpture Studio)


3 CP

BA_Module  Grundlagen Künstlerischer Gestaltung