In and out of joint – Interactions of shapes and objects

Elective Module


In this seminar we will deal with the versatile material of ceramic. Ceramic is used not only in objects of daily household use, but also in industry, medicine, construction, handicraft, and of course also in art.

Both in its practical application and in art, ceramic is one of the oldest materials with which people—in the truest sense of the word—have expressed themselves, by pressing or pouring the initially soft material into the desired form. It is precisely this quality that we aim to use in this seminar, finding ways and forms of using ceramic to join or extend already-existing objects.

In short presentations we will familiarize ourselves with the special properties and terms of ceramics in art. The individual artistic engagement with ceramic will take place as block classes in the workshop.


Requirements for participation:

Architecture: completed mandatory modules „Foundations of Artistic Design 1 and 2“

Landscape Architecture and Enviromental Planning: completed foundations „Artistic Design and Visualisation“


Kathrin Jobcyk


Thursday, 10am - 4 pm 

weekly as of 20/04/2022, Room B-137 (Ceramics workshop), Room B-151

Sat, 29/04/23, 10 am - 4 pm / B-137, B-151
Sun, 30/04/23, 10 am - 4 pm / B-137, B-151

Sat, 06/05/23, 10 am - 4 pm / B-137, B-151
Sun, 07/05/23, 10 am - 4 pm / B-137, B-151

Introduction at kug-Panorama_23SoSe: Thu, 13/04/2022, 2 pm - 4:15 pm, online


5 CP

BA_Modul  Skulptur – Objekt - Rauminstallation
MA_Modul  Orts-, raum- und architekturspezifische künstlerische Projekte