Into the Blue_Place-Space-Encounters

Elective Workshop



Aside from its spatial dimensions and material qualities, what makes a place the way it is? Which characteristics of spaces and places are not static and quantifiable but rather fleeting, ephemeral, and in constant flux? How can we artistically express our own individual encounters with spaces?

The perception, documentation, and capturing of space and place, of spatial situations and spatial moments, will form the basis of an individual process. Using various methods and media we will gather and record our individual experiences and encounters with and in space. Selected artists will be highlighted in presentations, giving an introduction to the topic and suggesting possible approaches.

“Into the Blue: Place-Space-Encounters” will have a site-specific focus, for which we will encounter the space in and around the community center Kö20. We will conclude with an exhibition of the results of our individual place-space-encounters as part of Into the Blue #3. The works will be shown on site and installed in relationship with each other—together we will create a temporary exhibition situation in dialogue with the space/place.

On the project INTO THE BLUE #3:

“On June 17 and 18, the city walk INTO THE BLUE A Walk Through the Spectrum of Architecture” invites you to consider architecture from new, unfamiliar, and above all interdisciplinary angles and perspectives. The goal of INTO THE BLUE is to show the multifaceted and varied spectrum of architecture: art plays an important role in the development of designs and is often an inspiration for or even part of architecture.”


Requirements for participation:

Architecture: completed mandatory modules „Foundations of artistic design 1 and 2“

Landscape architecture and enviromental planning: completed Foundations „Artistic Design and Visualisation“


Prof. Anette Haas, Sarah Nicola

weekly as of 20/04/2023, Room B-075 (Drawing studio)

Block seminar:
Saturday, 17/06/23  all day
Sunday, 18/06/23 all day


Introduction at kug-Panorama_23SoSe: thu, 13/04/2023, 2 pm - 4:15 pm, Room B-075 (Drawing studio)


5 CP

MA_Modul  Kunst und Gestaltung kompakt