eyes wide shut

Elective module



In art, architecture, and urban planning, the visual aspect usually determines processes of design and perception. Retinal dominance prevails.

In the context of this seminar, this hierarchy will be reversed: instead of on sight, we will concentrate on the other senses, which are far too often subordinated, to investigate indoor and outdoor urban spaces. We will explore Hanover acoustically and sensorially and visit unusual sound spaces. In addition, we will engage with contemporary artists working in the broader field of multisensory art.

Over the course of the seminar, students will develop their own works that can be experienced without using the sense of sight.


Requirements for participation:

Architecture: completed mandatory modules „Foundations of artistic design 1 and 2“

Landscape architecture and enviromental planning: completed Foundations „Artistic Design and Visualisation“


Jan Neukirchen


Thursday, 10 am - 1 pm

weekly as of 20/04/2022, Room B-139 (Sculpture Workshop), B-141, B-144 (Workshop)


5 CP

BA_Modul Skulptur – Objekt - Rauminstallation
MA_Modul Themenspezifische künstlerische Projekte