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Architectural Representation | Winter 2021|22


A deimatic display in the animal kingdom refers to a bluffing behavior in which prey, when incited, assume a dazzling appearance to momentarily distract and startle predators to retreat. Like false faces on a moth’s wings or a mantis’ vivid pose, these bluffs are an illusive affair of seductive surface effects that contradict a physical reality in the spirit of shock and awe.

With computer graphics making it easier to swap textures and step-up saturation values, could our digital tools be luring a kind of deimatic behavior from within us? This seminar is an exploration of how digital deimatic bluffing, via techniques borrowed from CGI and VFX, can morph and uncover new aesthetic dialects. How could these techniques, acts of material blending, scattering, and coloration provide a format for visual experimentation and help us look at the overlooked? Our starting point will be a 3D mesh captured from the real world through photogrammetry, processed and passed through various software interfaces. Like ‘occult technicians’ we will suffuse these prosaic and mundane specimens with enchanting and lustrous potential.

We will primarily use Cinema4D and will cover basics in animation, modeling, and dynamic simulation with a focus on procedural texturing. Additionally, students will be exposed to a diverse range of precedents drawn from computer graphics, media art, and yes we’ll look at animals. Coursework will include discussion and weekly practical assignments leading up to a final semester project. Class time will be split between lectures, technical workshops, and discussion.

Evaluation will be based on class participation and assignments.


Olivia Heung
Olivia Heung


  • Donnerstags, 10:00 - 14:00 
  • Erster Termin: 21.10.2021
  • Kolloquium: 03.02.2022


  • Media Drill
  • Prior experience in basic 3D modeling software. Proficiency in English.
  • Please make sure your computer meets the system requirements to run the latest version of Cinema4D. Specifications can be found on their website.

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