Project DisCo

Discrete Choreography in Virtual Reality


Project DisCo is a software project that allows the design of modular architectural components intuitively in Virtual Reality (VR) through a bottom-up manner. The project is the first step of Jan Philipp Drude's PhD project.

The work takes up the approach of reversible 3D printing processes by Neil Gershenfeld as well as the approach of game design as an architectural design strategy by José Sanchez. It allows the designer to choreograph large numbers of components using simulated physics in VR.

The project builds on a connection syntax of discrete components from the Grasshopper plug-in Wasp, developed by Andrea Rossi at DDU TU Darmstadt. This collaboration resulted in two workshops at LUH and TU Darmstadt in 2019, as well as a joint paper for the Design Modelling Symposium 2019 in Berlin.

Further development will include a multiplayer mode for collaborative design and an augmented reality mode for on-site construction. The iterative development of the software will be accompanied by regular use in teaching and workshops.

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Project Leader:

  • Jan Philipp Drude

Project Partners:

  • Andrea Rossi
  • Prof. Mirco Becker


  • Project DisCo, Workshop, Summer Semester 2019
    Leibniz University Hannover

  • Project DisCo, Workshop, December 2019
    DDU TU Darmstadt

Conference Papers:

  • Project DisCo:
    Choreographing Discrete Building Blocks
    in Virtual Reality, 
    DMS Berlin 2019  
  • Topping Up Digitally, Creative Food Cycles 2020