Architecture Soft Machines

Architectural Representation | Sommer 2021


Architecture Soft Machines is an introduction to concepts, histories, and methods that focus on the use of animation software as a medium for speculation. The seminar examines how these techniques, inherited from the field of CGI and VFX, might uncover new aesthetic dialects that undermine our existing assumptions of space while providing a format for time-based thinking and experimentation. Could architectural objects, under the influence of motion curves and dosed on shader maps, become less about everlasting ideals and more about its temperament and effects ?

We will primarily use Cinema4D as the main tool for exploration and will cover basics in modeling, lighting, animation, and dynamic simulation among others. Students will be exposed to a diverse range of precedents drawn from computer graphics, media art, and architecture. Coursework will include occasional readings and practical assignments that culminate into a ‘catalog of effects’. Class time will be split between lectures, technical workshops, and discussion.



Olivia Heung
Olivia Heung


  • Donnerstags, 10:00 - 12:00 
  • Erster Termin: 23.04.2021


  • Media Drill
  • Prior experience in basic 3D modeling software. Proficiency in English.
  • Please make sure your computer meets the system requirements to run the latest version of Cinema4D. Specifications can be found on their website.

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