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dienstag um 7 | Site, Matter, Gesture | Anne Holtrop

dienstag um 7 | Site, Matter, Gesture | Anne Holtrop

Foto: Souq Al Qaysariya - Bahrain Foto: Souq Al Qaysariya - Bahrain Foto: Souq Al Qaysariya - Bahrain
© Studio Anne Holtrop

As part of dienstag um 7, Anne Holtrop, associate professor at the ETH Zurich and owner of Studio Anne Holtrop, will give a Werkshau with a special focus on the theme of materiality.

Site, Matter Gesture
Anne Holtrop / Studio Anne Holtrop
Tuesday April 27th, 19:00 FAL YouTube Channel 

The materiality of an architectural project is often understood as its construction and expression. Anne Holtrops own association with material has shifted towards one that focuses on the process of working a material and the unique gestures dictated by a particular material, which he calls material gesture. This shift of focus enables him to find form and an expression of architecture as a result of intervening in the process of making – in order to produce work, where essence of it lays within the material, the form and the act of making. 



Anne Holtrop (1977 / Netherlands) started his own practice in 2009. Currently the studios are based in Amsterdam (NL) and Muharraq (BH). In 2015 the first two major buildings, Museum Fort Vechten and the National Pavilion of the Kingdom of Bahrain, were completed. Recently realized is the Customs House in Manama, operational as the main post office, and the Qaysariya Suq and Green Corner Building in Muharraq. The studio has completed new stores worldwide for Maison Margiela with flagship stores in London, Paris, Osaka and Shanghai, and is currently working on the completion of several Unesco listed heritage buildings in Bahrain: Murad Boutique Hotel and Siyadi Pearl Museum.

Anne Holtrop is an associate professor at the ETH in Zurich. For his practice he received in 2007 the Charlotte Köhler Prize for Architecture by the Prince Bernhard Cultural Foundation, in 2016 the Iakov Chernikhov International Prize and in 2019 the Aga Khan Award. The 2G monograph series dedicated its 73rd issue to Studio Anne Holtrop in 2016. In 2020 a new monograph: “Site, Matter, Gesture” by El Croquis is published on the practice and its continuous research.
The work of the studio, as well as the teaching and research outcome are presented and collected internationally in biennales and institutions, recently at the first Sharjah Architecture Triennial, the Seoul Architecture Biennial, Frac Le Plateau and upcoming at the Carnegie Museum of Art.