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AULET 7 Förderung - Jan Philipp Drude

AULET 7 Funding - Jan Philipp Drude

Teaserbild: Discrete Installation Teaserbild: Discrete Installation Teaserbild: Discrete Installation
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Project DisCo is a software developed in the department of Digital Methods in Architecture by Jan Philipp Drude. It allows the assemblage of a variety of previously defined building blocks into architectural installations by means of game physics. Users use a method of "choreographing" in Virtual Reality. Further information about the project, as well as the tool itself, is available at

In the project "Straight - Bent - Switch | Discrete Installation" such a system was transferred into the physical realm. It serves as a basis to test the workflow from VR to reality. A number of building blocks were made from brass. These can take on different configurations, which are designed in Project DisCo. A step-by-step assembly process using Augmented Reality was used for assembly, by projecting the assembly sequence step by step into the user''s eyes.

Further information in the Conference Paper.