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dMA Gastvorlesung - Vasily Sitnikov 18:00 Uhr

dMA Guest Lecture - Vasily Sitnikov 6:00 p.m. CEST

Ice Formwork wird gefräst Ice Formwork wird gefräst Ice Formwork wird gefräst
© Vasily Sitnikow

Online Lecture on dMA YouTube Channel

Vasily Sitnikov is an architectural researcher and PhD candidate at the Royal Technical University, School of Architecture,Stockholm. In his research he pursues innovation by using ice as a formwork for concrete casting. His research interest originated as a Master student at the Städelschule Architecture Class, Frankfurt and continued within the InnoChain Research Training Network.

Ice Formwork system is a set of original solutions developed to challenge environmental and economic performance of concrete prefabrication. Essentially, Ice Formwork is an alternative material base for production of custom-made concrete elements, facilitated through use of regular ice as the moulding material, climate-control fabrication environment, and all possible tools of robotic material processing, subtractive and additive.

During the event, Vasily will present and discuss his work as a developing body of work within contemporary architectural design research.

The lecture will be held on the dMA YouTube Channel.