dMA Guest Lecture | Building with Air | Pneuhaus

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August Lehrecke founder of Pneuhaus invited to give a lecture on the work his studio on Wednesday May 25th 15:00

Building with Air

August Lehrecke | Pneuhaus

Wednesday May 25th 15:00 CEST, dMA YouTube Channel

Pneuhaus is an interdisciplinary studio founded in 2014 that works within the fields of art, architecture, and spatial design. They specialize in the field of pneumatic structures, where they combine the unique spatial and structural properties of inflatables with novel fabrication techniques to produce their designs in house. With experience producing commissioned works for museum spaces, arts festivals, and municipalities, they approach each project as an opportunity to further their craft and create transformative public spaces that incite curiosity and joy.

This talk will explore the medium of inflatables through a brief history of built projects by Pneuhaus. Treating each project as a means to explore different aspects of inflatables, we will cover basic principles, material properties, and fabrication techniques relating to pneumatic design and fabrication.

The lecture will be in English