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Architectural Transformers – Exhibition in Kunstraum j3fm

Architectural Transformers – Exhibition in Kunstraum j3fm

Stapel H-Block Bausteine Stapel H-Block Bausteine Stapel H-Block Bausteine
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Architekturzeit 2023

Architectural Transformers
Mirco Becker / dMA
Vernissage: Friday, June 16, 2023, 19:00, Kunstraum j3fm. 

Architecture traditionally strives for permanence, at least longevity. This ideal value can hardly be redeemed today, where architecture becomes immobile, following the logic of investment and depreciation. With the realization of the finiteness of material resources, the opportunity arises to realize permanence through the constant transformation of a material cycle.
The installation Architectural Transformers works with the method of dry joining small building blocks to form reversible configurations. These configurations can be dissolved and arranged into ever new configurations, resulting in a permanence of continuous transformation. In this way, Architectural Transformers fundamentally challenges the permanence of architectural form.

Architectural Transformers uses 300 building blocks made of beech wood profiles, which are arranged into four different configurations over the course of the four-week exhibition in the Kunstraum j3fm. The building blocks, known as H-Blocks, were developed at Leibniz University's Department of Digital Methods in Architecture (dMA). They are part of the research on completely deconstructable and reconstructable architecture. The smallest unit, the building block, is the focus of the innovation. The fact that this is not only a technical development, but also negotiates aesthetic questions, is something that Architectural Transformers is dealing with intensively.
The H-Blocks are a serial, machine-made product. Artistically, they are in the tradition of the Brillo Boxes, while architecturally, they are similar to bricks and tie in with brick Gothic and its continuations.

In addition to the installation, graphics of the various configurations are shown in the exhibition. The graphics are isometric representations created with a pen plotter, white gel on black cardboard. In doing so, they utilize the early techniques of computer graphics, which created the foundations of computer art through artists such as Georg Nees in the 1960s.

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