No Limits Creative AI Hackathon

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The Institute of Design and Architectural Drafting invites everyone to test various artificial intelligence technologies.

Dear students and staff,

The Institute of Design and Architectural Drafting invites you to the upcoming Hackathon, where we would like to explore the hot topic of Artificial Intelligence together. We will be running various challenges where you can interact with different AI technologies and learn about their potentials and limitations.

No prior knowledge is required and everyone is welcome, regardless of whether you are students, professors, academic staff, administrative staff or other members of LUH.

At the end of the day we would like to share our results and celebrate together with food and drinks.

Date: Friday, 21.04.
Start: 13:30
Location: Drawing room (B075)
Maximum number of participants: 20

Please register by 14.04.2023 using this form.

We ask for a contribution of 5€ per person for the catering. Please send this via Paypal to