Emra's Diary

Mara Piel, Emma Römer


I'm Emra. In October 2050 I moved from Hanover to Northern Italy into a beautiful small Naked City – let me tell you why.

As you might know, the way we experience our bodies and how our community judges about it has changed within time. Since a decade now it's legal to live a life in total nudity in every European country, but as you might know as well, it took a while for many cities to adapt their rules and environment to the needs of the nudes – and in some places it is still in progress. Italy has developed an extraordinary openminded attitude towards nudity and is leading the top five of nude-friendly European countries since a few years now. For me, it has always been a struggle to live a nude life in a mixed environment, so I decided to leave my hometown and to move into a Naked City.

Naked Cities consider especially the needs of the nudes. This means that in order to feel safe and well, the city is constructed very dense and winding. Often NCs are built on or oriented to old town structures, using limestone and wood as construction material, curved and soft designs for common spaces and a lot of shade-providing deciduous trees. The Apartments and rooms are smaller than in other cities, obviously without closets or huge window facades, therefore with lots of bay windows and little loggias. The city rhythm is strictly adapted to seasons, including a hibernation from November to February where shops and outdoor activities are closed or very limited in order to stay healthy and inside. During the rest of the year, life happens almost completely outside the apartment.