Mars 2121

Miriam Krüssel, Jule Weiher



Imagine a world where people's lives are not confined to earth. As the population of other planets has become possible, the society split in two parts: a small part of society in cities placed on Mars and the rest of humanity who still live on earth.

The questions we must ask ourselves are:

Which groups can actually experience the new cities?

Will the different societys split up or work together?

Where are the resources coming from?

How do the cities look like?

Only the richest people can afford the expensive possibility of space travel and the extravagant life on a newly populated planet. Due to the already deeply divided society and the large different between rich and poor, only 1% of humanity, who own a large part of the total wealth, can afford a life on Mars in 2126.

A spatial separation between rich and poor creates an even greater social seperation. Earth residents can only travel into space by invitation or for research or development purpose.

Since natural resources in space are very limited, they must be taken from earth as well. As earth is already struggling with dwindling resources, this exploitation by the inhabitants of Mars is intensifying the situation.

Severe natural disasters destroy the nature on earth and create a reduced area for the rapidly growing population.

On Mars on the other hand, there is no sign of this, high-tech cities are placed in oxygen bubbles. People don't have to work, their everyday lives are embossed by free time.

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    Life on Mars
  • Mars 2121 - Miriam Krüssel, Jule Weiher
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    Life on Earth
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    High-Speed Capsules

    As one percent of civilisation lives on Mars, they cant all live in one city. Instead multiple citys have been build. To customize travel to the high standards, high-speed capsules, a further developement of Elon Musks hyperloop, connect these citys with each other. These capsules speed along in small tubes and reach a maximum of 1600 km/h. They can be booked individually and are so luxuriously equipped that they make travelling very pleasant.

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    Jetpack Anklet

    For many, flying is a super force that seems unattainable!

    On Mars it becomes an everyday means of transport that can be used by anyone. The new Jetpacks are transformed in filigree footchains, which have no influence in your normal life and are more of a trendy accessory then a unwieldy object. Using the high-tech wristwatch, the Mini-Jetpacks can be easily controlled.

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    Holographic Wristwatch

    Use the latest technologies for communication!

    Everyone is told the task for the day by a holographic wristwatch. The projection creates direct contact between the people, both visually and emotionally, regardless of whether the people live on Mars or earth. It also allows you to communicate with other players to socialize. In addition, plans can be created that determine the course of the game.

  • © Miriam Krüssel, Jule Weiher
    Health Check Mirror

    Since humans on Mars have access to new technologies the services are performed by robots. The daily health check is also carried out by a machine. The everyday room mirror performs a check each morning. It checks for external signs of disease, elevated temperature or similar characteristics. Likewise every visitor from Earth is guided by a health lock to keep infectious diseases and pandemics away from Mars.


Come and join the agricultural scientist Anna to experience life in a 100 years and see the development a split up society would make.

She is living in a small city on earth and experiences the overwhelming problems there: the natural disasters, the density of the poulation and the everincreasing poverty. Because of her job she can still enjoy a simple but satisfied life. This is something not many inhabitants of earth can experience, through hunger, poverty and excessive work. However, like so many others, she only works for the well-being of the inhabitants of Mars, in order to make their lives even better and more pleasant.

As she is tasked with developing plants species that grow on Mars and is ordered there, she has the rare opportunity to experience the living conditions in a city on Mars. The difference is shocking to her, as it is even more pleasent as shown on earth.

Life on the Mars is shaped by the prosperity and luxury of the super-rich. Nothing seems impossible here. The latest technologies and seemingly infinite resources create a contrast to the everyday life on earth. It is clear everything that is missing there has been pumped into the cities on Mars. The people here don't have to work. Everyday services are taken over by robots, production and food cultivation takes place on Earth.

It is your job to support Anna in her research tasks to provide a stronger exchange and reduce the distances in society.


See if there is a way to escape the bad conditions and dwindling resource and to create more equality in society.