Summer Speculation

Stegreif | Sommer 2021


Get your fingers crossed already! We are speculating on conducting a workshop this summer, where you will be speculating on architecture, with architecture.

Following the Guilty Pleasures seminar, critically investigating on culture and its architectural implications, we want to rethink our relationship to the present by designing fictions, futures and cautionary tales.

The complex infrastructures of the supply chain to our daily lives, its buildings and structures and the surroundings of those inhabiting it do not only hold room for improvement, but the opportunities to completely be rethought, reshaped and relocated. The light of ongoing events shows that a societal shift in our economic and ecologic behaviour is a required necessity, so this is an attempt to explore the effects of altering architecture, reinventing production paths and challenging our habits.



  • Workshop, 02.08.2021 – 13.08.2021

  • Wochentags, 10:00 - 16:00
  • Erster Termin: 02.08.2021
  • Kolloquium: 13.08.2021


  • Teilnahme an einem vorbereitenden Seminar im mAD-Lehrangebot

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