Scar City

Kristina Gergert, Pia Hoff


Building materials are a constant part of our everyday life. They surround us when we walk through the city, when we look out of the window in our apartment and even when we go on a beach vacation to the sea coast. But while people usually don't give them a second thought, we take a closer look. Starting with the materials needed to build a house, we identify the raw materials that are mentioned particularly often. In order to make quantitative and qualitative statements about the selected materials, it is important to use price and localization facts.

However, this should be done with caution, as price reflects how desired a raw material is, but cannot indicate quantity in general. Likewise, it can be seen that some countries are particularly specialized in certain materials, and other countries, in turn, import and export quite a few different ones. The manufacturing processes from raw material to building material also differ greatly in their complexity. And not only in their complexity, but also in the problems they bring with them and the damage they cause. Which is the most problematic material? Which is the most sustainable? Which is the most well-behaved? Can you decide that easily? And where does all the water actually come from?