Eden Tower

Aaron Jansen, Tom Knopf

  • Gigantic towers rise from the ashes of the burnt surface of the earth, freed from the polluted environment and untouched by deadly natural disasters.

  • Zoom-in Eden Tower

  • Eden Fiber: Microscopic image of data transmission

  • Forest path inside the Eden Tower

  • Eden Tower

  • Products with a high Eden Fiber concentration


Eden Tower
A future of humanity


We have come to a point where the sustainable development of our planet is facing immense challenges. The myth of progress must be exposed for what it actually is: a social contract that serves to justify the fatal consequences of social, technological, biological, geological and atmospheric changes on Earth caused by man and his needs. Billions of people still live in poverty and many are denied a life in dignity. Inequalities within and between countries are increasing. There are enormous differences in opportunities, wealth and power. Global health threats, more frequent and increasingly intense natural disasters, escalating conflicts, violent extremism, terrorism and related humanitarian crises, and the displacement of people threaten to throw political systems of order into chaos.

The depletion of natural resources and the negative effects of environmental degradation, including desertification, drought, land degradation, freshwater scarcity and loss of biodiversity, have resulted in a growing list of worsening human problems. Climate change is one of the greatest threats of our time, and its consequences undermine the ability of all countries to achieve sustainable development. The global rise in temperature, sea level rise, ocean acidification and other impacts of climate change have serious consequences for coastal zones and low-lying coastal states, including many of the least developed countries. The survival of many societies and habitats on Earth is at risk. And all these negative developments are being exacerbated by the rapid growth of the world’s population.

This geochronological age, which is shaped by man, is also known as the Anthropocene. We ourselves are the greatest threat to the home of all of us: Planet Earth. We do not have a second Earth. There will be nowhere to hold out, nowhere to flee to, when the irreparable damage becomes rampant and finally leaves nature no choice but to serve us the deadly bill. The sword of Damocles, which hovers over humanity today, will strike and the force will know no bribery and no national or continental boundaries. These drastic consequences can hardly be imagined today, and yet they are already scientific facts.

The fate of Earth

The extreme environmental influences have turned the earth into a hostile place. Humanity is forced to withdraw more and more from nature to protect itself from floods, high UV radiation, forest fires, acid rain and other deadly dangers. As an endangered species, it is collectively creating an environment in which it is no longer exposed to the now dangerous nature and its survival can be guaranteed in the long term.

A new age has dawned in which man exists separately from his natural environment. In order to avoid the fatal contact with the earth, huge, interconnected structures are being created, which protect man from the threatening environment through new materials and advanced technologies. The Eden Tower. These habitable places quickly reach a high population density and are therefore growing rapidly. 

Society of the Eden Tower

The Eden Towers will become the new living space for humans. However, living within the Tower requires a constant and sustained understanding of the value of this symbiotic relationship. The interdependence between structure and man is gradually changing society. A sustainable way of life becomes the highest credo for the residents. In order to satisfy all needs without overloading the natural regenerative capacity of all integrated systems of the tower, people work closely together. They act as one organism to ensure long-term survival in and with the Eden Tower.

Inside the Eden Tower, a wide variety of individualised living spaces are created, optimised for people. In addition to green spaces and extensive open spaces, open water treatment plants and rain tanks provide a comfortable climate and an oxygen-rich and pollutant-free ambient air.

Space has become the most valuable asset of mankind. The higher the degree of sustainability of society, the more resources are available to the structure to expand. The residents have a direct interest in a conscious lifestyle, because the more sustainable each individual and community acts, the more space is created for everyone.

The symbiosis of big and small

People have learned to live in harmony with the Eden Tower. In order to implement and sustain this complex and new way of life, they have found a way to connect to the semi-organic structure of programmable matter. A permanent analysis of this natural symbiosis ensures that the regenerative ability of all systems of the Tower is maintained. Tiny biotechnical nanobacteria, called Eden Fiber, collect information in the human body about the sustainability of its way of life. This data is then transmitted to the intelligent structure, which uses it to calculate the degree of regeneration of the tower. The Eden Fiber bacteria thus serve as a transmitter between the organism and the Eden Tower.

In order to maintain the connection with the Eden Tower, the residents ensure that there is always a sufficient concentration of Fiber Bacteria in the body. These are taken in through food. Special products are offered that have a particularly high Eden Fiber content.

As one of the decisive components for the functionality of this altruistic form of society, these products are in principle freely available to all residents. They are integrated into the routine of everyday life and enjoy high esteem and acceptance in all age groups.


The more complex a society becomes, the further the formation of metropolises progresses. This is also shown by a glance at history. Old Babylon, ancient Rome, the Mexico City of the Aztecs, the flourishing of European metropolises in the 19th century… The formation of metropolises must have had advantages. They are cities that are of social, political, economic and cultural importance and radiance beyond their borders. And last but not least, they are the birthplaces of sustainable, resilient visions of the future.

With climate change, humanity is facing the greatest threat to its evolutionary past. The serious environmental changes are a global problem with serious social, political and economic dimensions. In 2050, between 200 and 350 million climate refugees will trigger unprecedented population movements and political instability and civil wars will cause many victims.

Given these dystopian prospects, today more than ever is the time for ambitious and transformative visions. The world of the Eden Tower describes a place where human habitats are safe and resilient, where patterns of consumption and production and the use of all natural resources enable a sustainable lifestyle. It describes a society that is free from poverty, hunger, disease and need and in which all life can flourish.

The Eden Towers represent the metropolises of the future, in which the perspective of the individual is overcome through technical, evolutionary and biological developments and a collective world consciousness is created.

People can change the face of the world – that is the characteristic of the Anthropocene, for better or worse. It need not be to the detriment of our p    



Imagining a Utopia usually refers to the creation of a whole new world, far from our existing world, not accessible, not reachable and lately degraded to fantastic ideas not worth the effort of fighting for.

But actually, creating a Utopia is much closer to the real world, the coherences are just left out of the story. The exercise of world-building shrinks to the demonstration of ideals concerning certain aspects of life, society or the environment. And the smaller the topic is, the weaker the impact of the ideas will be.

To be able to create our own ideals, we searched for a topic that we want to address, for reasons that subjectively affect us. In the face of the numerous devastating impacts of the Anthropocene to the environment, the Eden Tower represent the final symbiosis of mankind and technology, where collective acting and sustainability are key to ensure the survival of Planet Earth as home for humanity.


Tom and Aaron, two of the most handsome guys from Hanover, have always been reaching for the next step of finding asweres to the problems of nowadays society. In memorial sessions of unleashed creativity they finally touched the spirits of the geniuses of the past and found the ultimate solution to save not only all of humanity but life itself.