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dienstag um 7 | Off-World Architecture | Xavier De Kestelier

dienstag um 7 | Off-World Architecture | Xavier De Kestelier

Rendering Mars Habitat Rendering Mars Habitat Rendering Mars Habitat
© Hassell + EOC
Mars Habitat

The International Space Station is probably the most complex and technical habitat ever made. It is literally rocket science. Should architects or designers get involved in designing habitats in space or on other planets? Is there a place for architects in space?

Xavier De Kestelier is Head of Design Technology and Innovation at international design practice, Hassel, where he leads design technology across all disciplines and regions. For the last decade, Xavier has been an industry leader in the field of parametric design, digital fabrication and additive manufacturing. In recent years, Xavier has built up a portfolio of space related architecture for clients such NASA, ESA and Virgin Galactic. He is currently designing a 3D printed Mars Habitat concept for NASA. 

Xavier is also a Director of Smartgeometry, a non-profit educational organisation for computational design and digital fabrication. This organisation has grown to become an independent worldwide network for computational and digital design specialists.He held academic positions at Syracuse University (London), University of Ghent (Belgium) and The Bartlett (London). He is also a member of the RIBA’s Research and Innovation Group.

The lecture is held in English with an introduction and Q&A chaired by Prof. Mirco Becker.

Tuesday 12th January 2021 - 7:00 p.m. | FAL YouTube Channel