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Bachelor-Thesis - Tim Moedeker

Day and Night Kitchen

Tim Mödeker | Bachelor Thesis


Restaurants have to adapt their offer and service to the changing needs of their guests and neighbourhood throughout the day. In addition to this change, the ingredients of a local and seasonal menu are also subject to permanent change.

In the bachelor thesis, a small canteen/restaurant/bar is designed that addresses this constant change. A special focus will be placed on the processes of food preparation and the experiences of the guests. The design is set in a fictitious location from a selected film. Formally and constructively, a tectonic system is used in each case, which is digitally described and adapted in terms of design.



The tectonic system of the design is based on the Swiss Pavilion at the Biennale di Venezia 2016 by Christian Kerez. Here, experimental formwork is used to generate a cave-like spatiality and fissured surfaces.

Day and Night Kitchen is set in the dystopian world of the film Blade Runner 2049, and the target group of the ramen restaurant are replicants - artificial life forms that form a slave caste in the film's social system. The restaurant is meant to fit into the hostile urban landscapes of this dystopian vision of the future and at the same time be an alien body.

The fissured form was approached in a model-like manner. In material experiments, crumpled paper was hardened with wax and cast in plaster. Paper and wax were then burnt out of the plaster, leaving behind a rough, cave-like structure. This shaping process was transferred digitally by recording the corresponding paper-wax objects as 3D models using photogrammetry. The resulting shapes were digitally synthesised with geometric bodies to create a building design.

The design is a compact ramen shop around whose basic body an evolved sculpture was created that is in the process of assimilating the restaurant.




Tim Mödeker

First Examiner:
Prof. Mirco Becker

Second Examiner:
Prof. Hilde Léon

Winter Semester

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