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dMA Paper auf der AAG 2020/21

dMA Paper at AAG 2020/21

Teaser: Space Shingles bei AAG Teaser: Space Shingles bei AAG Teaser: Space Shingles bei AAG
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Prof. Becker presents the paper: Space Shingles - Casting bespoke connectors for structural shingles at Advances in Architectural Geometry 2020/21 conference

The paper was written in collaboration with Prof. Asko Fromm, Chair of Structural Design, Wismar University of Applied Sciences, and co-authors Philipp Mecke and Florent Keller. Space Shingles investigates the possibilities of a new type of construction system that connects panel elements to form a load-bearing composite. The focus of the work is a metal connector that is cast in a 3D-printed sand mould. The connector mould was produced using the Binder Jet 3D sand printer (VXC 800) at Wismar University of Applied Sciences. The work is linked to the Universal Joints seminar, where the design potential of such systems is examined.

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