counterintuitive field-trip: VENICE

Exkursion | Sommer 23


In many cases, design benefits from an outside perspective. That is why we are leaving Hanover, to externally analyze and speculate on its development in various forms.

Destination is the city of Venice, including visits of the Architecture Biennale with this year‘s topic being „The Laboratory of the Future“. In a workshop of five days, we want to pursue scenarios, making use of the inherent function of design fiction to utilize media as an exploration tool.

Approaching on the scales of tangibility, probability and possibility, the laid-out constraints of society and nature shall be challenged to envision, design and showcase alternative worlds. Individual and group task will strengthen the concept developed through conflicting decision making.

The excursion is tied to the seminar A History of Bad Decisions, which is giving the theoretical background. Design target of the workshop is the creation of a collective media-prototype, that will be finalized through the course of the seminar.



  • Introduction & Registration: 18.04. 10:00 A109
  • 29.05. - 02.06.23


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